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Lucy & Carl Brennan

Dear Pete This is possibly the longest overdue thank you card I have ever written! I have been wanting to send this for over a year now and finally here it is! A massive, massive thank you to you and everyone involved with the making of our beautiful kitchen, it is fantastic! It truly is the heart of our home, we haven’t seen the rest of our house for quite some time! A year on after installation, it is still looking great and works really well. It hasn’timproved my ability to cook, but one day I hope to be as professional in the kitchen as your team has been in creating it. I am so sorry Pete, for never thanking you properly sooner, you have looked after us so well and Adam has always found time to pop in and sort out any minor bothers, so a big thank you to Adam as well. Truly love the ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude you all have, very refreshing! I do hope that our paths cross again one day, if not on a business level, (although I do hope so), then on a social one – we have an open door policy here, so if you are passing pop in for a coffee! All our love & thanks to you all.


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