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Steven & Anne-Marie Hunter

Sales visits…. you know how they are, lots of great ideas, lots of big promises, and lots of enthusiasm. “We can do this” and “we can do that”, “we will guarantee our price,” we will work with your builders, nothing will be a problem”, and so you sign up. Obviously excited, but at the same time dreading the disappointment that will inevitably follow, delays, excuses changes etc. Workmanship not quite as good as you had been led to believe, battles to get things done and the million calls you need to make to get the job finished properly. So we contacted Fraser James, and there were no disappointments, not one. Lots of promises had been made by Peter O’Neill, big promises, but each and every single one was met, on time and without fuss. All the extra bits that would be ‘no problem’ were just that ‘no problem’. There were no phone calls required to get things finished, in fact it was the other way round, Fraser James calling me to make sure I was happy, unbelievable! And so is the workmanship. The whole experience of dealing with Fraser James was so much better than we could ever have imagined. Adam our fitter was the sort of person you would want to employ yourself to do anything! Helpful! Professional, considerate, willing (and tidy!) The full list would go on and on and on… Fraser James is a great company to deal with, in fact the very best company we have ever dealt with, honestly….


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