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Tony – Northamptonshire

We selected Fraser James to fit the kitchen in our new extension for a number of reasons:-

– They had fitted our current kitchen and 10 years on we were more than happy with it – just in the wrong place now!

– Their designer quickly came up with a layout for the new space and he had listened and incorporated the features we wanted whilst at the same time proposing improvements based on his own long experience – just what we wanted.

– The design process is relatively long and he maintained his enthusiasm for us during all the design iterations.

– The person responsible for the installation (John Hook) could not have been more helpful, he worked with us throughout on a 2 phase project. The quality of the fitting staff is terrific and they take a personal pride in ensuring that the fits and finishes are excellent, work cleanly and accommodated minor changes in situ, fantastic.

– After sale support? No problem, not that there has been much to support but you always have the odd sticky drawer and in our case the builders hadn’t connected the extractor fan.

The finished product? Take a look at the photo – pretty damned perfect, phew!!


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